BitKeeper Notes

For more information about using or tracking NTP repositories using either the opensource or commercial BitKeeper programs see SoftwareDevelopment.

The purpose of these pages is to present a gentle introduction to bitkeeper commands. Some of the subpages will contain questions about what might belong there so, by all means, add what you think is appropriate.

BitMover's Users Guide for bk can be found at .

Running bk help release-notes will show you the release notes for your version of bk.

There is a way to browse a repository managed by BitKeeper, general public can visit and there select the ntp-dev or ntp-stable repository. This is a very helpful and quick BK installation-less way to easily browse through all revisions in the repositories.

BitKeeper overview and terminology

These pages introduce the basic usage of BitKeeper and some of the more common terminology you'll run across.

Beginner's guide to your first BK clone

This first set of pages represents what you might want to know if you just want to check out and use a BK repo, before starting to make any changes to it.

Examining repository contents (under construction)

This next set of pages shows you how you can examine the contents, properties, revisions, tags and so on of your clone, even before you start doing any editing. Obviously, a good deal of this will still be relevant once you start editing.

Working with changesets (also under construction)

More to come here, as I think about how to structure this section.

Advanced Topics

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