Tasks yet to be done

Config Related

  1. To implement code for extracting the file path from the config..
  2. To implement code to selectively log to a channel based on the allowed tags list specified in the config...
  3. Implement saveconfig output to=ntpq=
  4. To convert the config structure from an array to a linked list... (HMS: can be done later)
  5. To implement the code for including the size and version in case of file logging channels (HMS: can be done later)

API Implementation Related

  1. Work out the code for memory management and optimise the memory usage of the API code.
  2. Implement logging to various facilities of SYSLOG.
  3. Optimise code algorithms and data structures to make the it more time- and memory- efficient.
  4. Work out ways to more efficiently tag statements and use these tags for selective logging and other purposes.

Documentation Related

  1. Bring the documentation up-to-date with all the currently implemented features..

Logging System Related

  1. Clean out the obsolete and wrong Logging Statements.
  2. Figure out the categories in which the logs may be placed and tagged (HMS: can be done later)

API Design Related

HMS: These can all be done later.

  1. Designing and Implementation of a Sink-type structure that can store log messages and serve as an alternate logging channel
  2. Design and Implementation of a Message Management Client for the Logging System
  3. Implement features to include more information in the log.

-- RajulSrivastava - 2012-08-19

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