Snapshot Issues

Also see the download area layout page.

The "snapshot roll" script will need to be changed; we're going to want the point release in the top-level version file, and I think we are going to want to start tagging the snapshot checkins.

When we go from an RC to the next release, we may need to do some deleting in the top-level directory. The roll script will be:

  • Make sure -stable and -dev have been updated.
  • If there is an RC in the TLD and there is no RC in -dev, remove all releases (stable and RC) from the TLD. In this case, there must (will) be a new -stable release.
  • We always want (only) the latest -stable (point) release linked in the TLD.
  • If -dev is an RC, we want the latest RC (point) release linked in the TLD.

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