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ntp-4.2.8p10 was released on 21 March 2017. It addresses 6 medium- and 5 low-severity security issues, 4 informational security topics, 15 bugfixes, and contains other improvements over 4.2.8p9.

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Updating libopts

warning NOTE WELL: If autogen is upgraded on whimsy and another release of -stable is planned, that tarball will be using the new autogen! (Also note that this means that upgrading libopts means there will be a relatively short validation cycle, as we would tend to want to do this just before a new release of -stable, at the end of a -dev cycle.) I may have a solution to this - on whimsy I'll just run ../configure --prefix=/usr/local/gnu/autogen-X.Y.Z and if I need to use the older autogen for a -stable tarball we should be OK.

Fetch, build, and install the target version of autogen.

  • See if any of the following need to be updated:
    • sntp/include/autogen-version.def
    • Main.SoftwareDevelopment
    • Reconcile any autogen file overrides we ave placed in sntp/ag-tpl/* .

  • cd sntp
  • tar xvzf `autoopts-config libsrc`
  • diff -ur libopts*  | grep '^Only' and look for things other than Makefile.in or SCCS.
  • bk rm -f any files that are no longer needed
  • diff -ur libopts-* libopts | grep '^diff' and use that output to copy the updated files from libopts-whatever to libopts
  • Add the following to any updated libopts/Makefile.am


libopts.c:              $(BUILT_SOURCES)
  • bk ci -y'Updated to libopts-whatever' (is this the right place?)
  • run :run-autogen (this script is in ntp-dev as that's the only place we would ordinarily be updating libopts)
  • Make a note in the ChangeLog and check that in.

check it out, build it, and:

  • bk commit -y'Updated to AutoGen-1.2.3 and libopts-4.5.6'

Watch some of the perms on the generated files. This should not be a problem because the :run-autogen scripts does a chmod u+w . (Now that autogen supports the --writable option this should not be a problem at all.)

N.B.: If libopts is being updated the snapshot roll will need a make clean before it runs. ntp_configure_cache_version in configure.ac may not do this for us...

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