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NTP users are strongly urged to take immediate action to ensure that their NTP daemon is not susceptible to use in a reflected denial-of-service (DRDoS) attack. Please see the NTP Security Notice for vulnerability and mitigation details, and the Network Time Foundation Blog for more information. (January 2014)

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Stable 4.2.6p5 2011/12/24 http/md5 http
Development 4.2.7p481 2014/11/22 http/md5 http

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The NTP Reference Implementation is

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Stable Release NEWS

NTP 4.2.6p5 (Harlan Stenn , 2011/12/24)

Focus: Bug fixes

Severity: Medium

This is a recommended upgrade.

This release updates sys_rootdisp and sys_jitter calculations to match the RFC specification, fixes a potential IPv6 address matching error for the "nic" and "interface" configuration directives, suppresses the creation of extraneous ephemeral associations for certain broadcastclient and multicastclient configurations, cleans up some ntpq display issues, and includes improvements to orphan mode, minor bug fixes and code clean-ups.

New features / changes in this release:


  • Updated "nic" and "interface" IPv6 address handling to prevent mismatches with localhost [::1] and wildcard [::] which resulted from using the address/prefix format (e.g. fe80::/64)
  • Fix orphan mode stratum incorrectly counting to infinity
  • Orphan parent selection metric updated to includes missing ntohl()
  • Non-printable stratum 16 refid no longer sent to ntp
  • Duplicate ephemeral associations suppressed for broadcastclient and multicastclient without broadcastdelay
  • Exclude undetermined sys_refid from use in loopback TEST12
  • Exclude MODE_SERVER responses from KoD rate limiting
  • Include root delay in clock_update() sys_rootdisp calculations
  • get_systime() updated to exclude sys_residual offset (which only affected bits "below" sys_tick, the precision threshold)
  • sys.peer jitter weighting corrected in sys_jitter calculation


  • -n option extended to include the billboard "server" column
  • IPv6 addresses in the local column truncated to prevent overruns

more Complete NEWS file
more Complete Change Log

About the NTP Reference Implementation Source Releases

The NTP (R&D) Project only produces source code releases of The NTP Reference Implementation; users needing precompiled versions of NTP should see the links page. These releases may be installed using the standard Unix make command in conjunction with a compiler and all necessary libraries.

Please contact your operating system vendor for binary packages or assistance with your package-management system.

IDEA! The NTP version numbering page explains the version numbering scheme.

Browsing the Archives from the NTP (R&D) Project at www.ntp.org

Tarballs for production and development versions of The NTP Reference Implementation are available from the:

Obsolete versions of The NTP Reference Implementation are available from:

The NTP Public Services Project HTTP archive proxy is

Ports to other operating systems

Third-party implementations, including pre-compiled versions for operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, and some ports of the NTP package are linked to on the links page.

Receiving Notifications about new releases

Please visit ReleaseNotifications for more information about the many options available for receiving notifications about new NTP releases.

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