A Smiling example of the PollPlugin

NOTE: To use this example you must install also the Main:Plugins.SmiliesPlugin.

This example shows:

  • votes stored at the end of this topic
  • some formatting tricks
  • a multidimensional Poll
  • cumulative and separate results
See also : PollExample

Please, tell us how do you feel today ...

  • Only your last vote counts
  • You can even cancel your vote by doing an empty vote ...

:-) :-( :cool: :o :D ;-) :p :rolleyes: :mad: :eek: :confused:

Are you happy?

Cumulative Votes   Feeling Votes   Happy? Votes
Yes 4   :cool:
  Yes 4 (66%)
:cool: 3   :D
  No 2 (33%)

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