I currently have NTPd on 2.4.21-NANO Linux running well with the PPSAPI using ppsctl -tah -p/dev/ttyS0. The NMEA refclock driver is being used to get the 1 Hz GPRMC timestamps from my Novatel OEM4 GPS Reciever at 9600 baud. We use the PPSAPI in a distributed application that needs an EXTRemely precise network based timesource.

As a majority of my company's codebase uses Windows XP Pro with RTX (Realtime Extensions for Windows), I have been tasked with determining what the effort would be to implement a PPS interface on Windows XP ( with or without using RTX ) that would operate the same as the Linux version, and WHY/WHY NOT we should undertake the effort.

any information or comments regarding this issue are appreciated.

-- ChrisHammond - 12 Jul 2004

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