Contributor Information Standard

The contributors page is built by including information from the contributors' User Pages. This topic documents the standard format for to be used for contributor information.

The following block must be included somewhere in your User Page. Please see the comment lines (which may be omitted from your User Topic) for more information about the mark-up.

<!-- Attach your user picture to your User Topic. Please adhere to the 150x150 size. -->
<img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/userpic.jpg" alt=""  width="150" height="150"  />
<!-- The following construct is used to make your name on the contributors page a link back to your User Topic. -->
   * Name: %IF{ %BASETOPIC% eq %TOPIC% }% Steve Kostecke %ELSE% [[Users.SteveKostecke][Steve Kostecke]] %ENDIF%
   * Email:
   * NTP Job: ...
   * Website: ...
<!-- Information listed in this block is not shown on the contributors page. -->
   * Gopher: ...
   * Country: ...
   * Comment: ...

If you wish to lock your User Page so that others may not modify it you must set the ALLOWTOPICCHANGE variable:

      * Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = YourWikiName

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