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Uu dai soc toi 300 trieu khi xe mua

da cong bo chuong trinh “Uu Dai Dac Biet Thang 5” ap dung cho nhung khach hang ky hop dong, thanh toan va nhan xe trong khoang thoi gian tu 5/5 den 31/5/2020 doi voi ca 3 dong xe.

Hien tai, van duy tri chuong trinh uu dai dien ra nhu nhung thang truoc nhu Voucher Vinhomes, doi cu lay moi, gui xe Vinhomes va Vincom mien phi doi voi tat ca khach hang. Nhung can chu y, tu ngay 5/5 den 31/5/2020, khach hang mua xe voi 2 hinh thuc tra thang hoac tra gop se nhan duoc uu dai khac nhau.

* Cap nhat Gia xe Toyota Vios

Voi nhung khach hang tra thang 100% gia xe se nhan duoc uu dai len toi gan 300 trieu dong khi mua dong LUX. Voi moi phien ban khac nhau se co muc giam khac nhau. Khach mua xe Lux A2.0 trong thang nam se duoc huong muc giam tu 233 den 296 trieu dong. Gia niem yet cu cua Lux A2.0 la 1,129 ty dong den 1 ty 407,7 trieu dong, sau khi huong chinh sach uu dai se giam con 896,1 trieu dong den 1 ty 120,8 trieu dong.

Voi phien ban LUX SA2.0, khach hang se nhan duoc muc giam tu 257 den 285 trieu dong. Gia niem yet cua xe giao dong trong khoang 1,580 ty dong den 1 ty 864,4 trieu dong se giam con 1,322 ty dong den 1 ty 577,9 trieu dong.

Doi voi mau hatchback hang A Fadil, nguoi mua cung se nhan duoc uu dai khi gia chi con khoi diem tu 373,41 trieu dong thay vi 414,9 trieu dong nhu truoc day. Do do, khi khach hang thanh toan 100% se nhan duoc uu dai len toi 10% giam truc tiep vao gia xe.

* Danh gia Toyota Vios 2020

Muc uu dai thu 2 cua danh cho khach hang mua xe tra gop cung co rat nhieu uu dai hap dan. Cu the, neu khach hang chon hinh thuc mua xe tra gop, khach hang se duoc vay toi da 70% gia tri xe trong thoi han toi da 8 nam voi tat ca cac dong xe . Doi voi goi vay mua xe tra gop nay se duoc ho tro mien lai va nguoi mua chi phai tra tien goc vay hang thang trong 2 nam dau.

Ke tu nam thu 3, nguoi mua se duoc bao lanh muc lai suat toi da 10,5%/nam. Truong hop lai suat tha noi thi truong vuot moc 10,5%/nam, se thanh toan phan chenh lech cho khach hang. Truong hop lai suat tha noi thap hon 10,5%/nam, Khach hang se duoc huong muc lai suat thap hon.

Do do, khach hang khi muon mua xe tra gop trong thang 5 se chi can chi tra muc gia khoi diem doi voi LUX A2.0 la tu 1,009 ty dong; doi voi LUX SA2.0 la 1,48 ty dong va Fadil khoi diem tu 414,9 trieu dong.

dang that su tung buoc khang dinh duoc cho dung cua minh tren thi truong voi doi hinh san pham dang duoc mo rong. Du da tham gia VAMA nhung doanh so cua hien van chua duoc cong khai hang thang nhu cac thanh vien khac. Nhung can cu vao so luong xe di dang kiem ke tu nua nam 2019 den nay thi chung to dong xe nay van duoc long nguoi dung Viet va hang cung dang no luc de giao xe cho cac don hang cho.

Viet Nam da co thuong hieu o to cua rieng minh. Do do, co the thay tham vong cua con lon hon the, khong chi san xuat o to cho thi truong noi dia ma con muon xuat khau xe toi cac thi truong quoc te trong tuong lai.

* Tham khao cac bai viet danh gia xe tai: https://www.popsugar.com/profile/elizabethmoad

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