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Backroom Email

Requirements from UDel and Dave

whimsy is the only machine in the backroom flock that may accept incoming internet email.

Background, and (mutual) "nice to have" items

Dave generally works on deacon, the fastest machine in the backroom.

Harlan generally works on whimsy, a usefully fast machine.

Harlan tries to stay out of Dave's way.

When Dave runs a build, it would be Great if no auto* processes or the configure script needed to run.

Requirements from the Development and Release Engineering process

The development and release engineering process for NTP requires outgoing email from the master repository, currently on deacon.

Outgoing email is used for:

  • commit log messages
  • change log messages
  • delta emails
  • SCM trigger notifications
  • trigger tripwire notifications
  • commit "change diffs"

Sometimes NFS goes wonky in the backroom and Harlan has to to bk things on deacon, the machine that has the NTP sources on its local disk drives.

These bk operations need to send email.

If outgoing email will no longer be supported on deacon then we will need to have the NTP sources live locally on a machine that does support outgoing internet email.
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