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Dave has been maintaining the entire body of documentation as html pages. There are certain sets of pages he is willing to let others maintain.

Dave wants the entire body documentation to be available in HTML format. The documentation need not be in HTML for its source form, but one of the presentation forms must be HTML.

In addition to providing robust command-line processing and documentation, GNU AutoGen has rudimentary support for being the "source" for producing documentation in man and .texi format. A useful variety of presentation forms can be generated from the .texi format.

AutoGen and NTP Documentation

As a result of the GSoC projects that improved GNU AutoGen, we are now able to produce more of the NTP-related documentation from the autogen system, using .def files.

We can produce manual pages with either man or mdoc tags. Additionally, since the "legacy" installation directories are unacceptable for a growing number of people, and furthermore some will want any given NTP-related manual page installed in a "section" different from another OS, we need to offer people a way (mechanism) to specify these (policy) choices on a per-program basis.

See the GenLocInfo page for more information about:
  • how to specify where a program gets installed
  • what manual section it uses
  • which manual tag format should be installed
  • how to specify cross-references to other NTP commands

General Notes

Harlan was talking to stickster on #fedora-docs at freenode ( who recommended docbook, and said that installing the tools on Fedora is Really Easy.

Other items we care about include:

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