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Logging and Debugging API Overhaul (GSoC 2009)


Redesigning NTP's logging/debugging system will improve ntpd's logging and diagnostic capabilities. It will also give better control over logging/debugging.

A consistent logging interface for NTP and its projects would simplify its codebase and would make it more consistent. It also would benefit other NTP projects like SNTP by giving it acesss to its logging/debugging interface.

All in all it would benefit both developers and users by unifying logging/debugging interfaces under a improved system.

A big part of this project besides coding is designing and planning the improved logging/debugging system as well as coordinating the work necessary to implement these changes.


Date Task Description % Done
Coordination and planning
Organize and start working.
Placeholder for now, got to change that point
Config dumper
Add configuration dumping functionionality.
Additional configuration information
Add capability to keep track which variable was set through what (conf, default, ntpq, ...)
Summarize discussed config overhaul and start implementing
Discussion within the NTP community should bear fruits by then. Summarize this discussion and implement the GSoC part.
Prepare for midterm ev. Test work up till now.
Configuration overhaul should take form. Test parts which have been completed.
Firm 'pencils down' date.
Mentors, students and organization administrators can begin submitting final evaluations to Google.
Final evaluation
Final evaluation deadline
Code samples
Students can begin submitting required code samples to Google

Discussion and Comments

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