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Multicast Status

Fixing the last Multicast bugs

To our knowledge in the current ntp-dev:

  • IPv4 broadcast and multicast work on all known Unix systems
  • IPv4 broadcast works on Windows systems
  • IPv6 multicast client is known to work on Solaris
  • IPv6 multicast client is known to work on FreeBSD
  • IPv6 multicast server is known to work on FreeBSD
  • IPv4 multicast works on Windows systems with authentication disabled
  • IPv4 multicast fails on Windows systems with authentication enabled

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-- DannyMayer - 29 Jun 2005

Multicast Status Chart

If you are using or have tested a multicast client using the current ntp-dev, please add it to this chart or add a comment below or e-mail your comment to webmaster@ntp.org.

OS OSversion IPv4 Client IPv6 Client IPv6 Server See Who Comments
sparc-sun-solaris 2.10 Working Working Working DannyMayer  
GNU Linux 2.4.21 Failing Untested Untested DannyMayer (albert) Address in use
FreeBSD 4.9 Working Working Working DannyMayer (hepzibah)


Making sure IPv6 multicast is working

DannyMayer believes IPv6 multicast is working everywhere where IPv6 is supported except under Windows (using ntp-dev).

If you disagree, please let us know.
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