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NEWS File Maintenance

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Steve has updated the code which generates the diff between the current and previous NEWS files used in place of the ChangeLog for stable releases.

The standard format for the beginning of the NEWS file section for each release is as follows (using 4.2.6p5 as an example):

NTP 4.2.6p5 (Harlan Stenn <stenn@ntp.org>, 2011/12/24)  
Focus: Bug fixes

Severity: {Low|Medium|High}

This is a {recommended,optional} upgrade.

This release updates sys_rootdisp and sys_jitter calculations to match the
RFC specification, fixes a potential IPv6 address matching error for the
"nic" and "interface" configuration directives, suppresses the creation of
extraneous ephemeral associations for certain broadcastclient and
multicastclient configurations, cleans up some ntpq display issues, and 
includes improvements to orphan mode, minor bugs fixes and code clean-ups.

Backward Incompatibilities in this release:

New features / changes in this release:  

(Have new packages been installed?  Any new licenses?)


The delimiters which I am now relying upon for stripping out the narrative text about the stable release are as follows:

  • The beginning of the text is the line which begins with: "This release".
  • The end of the text is the line which begins with "New features".
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