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Status Report 01 (June 6th, 2008)

Current Milestones

Here I will list all project milestones that I started working or that I finished since the last status report.

Define MIB Sections to be supported (#01)

This task has been completed today. I worked on this during the last week, details and the result can be found on the GSoC2008NtpSnmpMileStone01 page.

Upcoming Milestones

This section will show which milestones I am going to start working on before the next status report is due.

Create Instance of Loadable Agent (#02)

This includes creating the first "working" version of code for the loadable module. The resulting binary should be capable of being loaded by NetSnmp and should allow to query at least one data object (which might be a dummy or not). This allows me to ensure that the general "mechanics" of a MIB handler module are in place and work as expected.

-- HeikoGerstung - 06 Jun 2008
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