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Status Report 02 (June 20th, 2008)

Current Milestones

Here I will list all project milestones that I started working or that I finished since the last status report.

Create Instance of Loadable Agent (#02)

This task has been completed today. I worked on this during the last two weeks and managed to set up a basic development environment using Net-SNMP (latest version). The agent starts as a background process and connects to the main snmpd process using AgentX technology. A sample MIB object can be queried successfully while the subagent is started and gets rejected when I stop it.

Since this part of the project depends heavily on net-snmp, I am unsure how to integrate it into the ntpd sourcetree. I will have to discuss with Harlan how to enable configure to find out where the Net-SNMP sources are (or allow the user to specify the location of the net-snmp source tree) and then keep an eye on new net-snmp versions.

Upcoming Milestones

This section will show which milestones I am going to start working on before the next status report is due.

Implement Mode 6 handler (sending/receiving) (#03)

This should result in a libntpq.a file which can be linked to applications that need to query an ntpd process (locally or on a remote system) using mode 6 packets. The basic idea is to re-use the ntpq-ops.c and probably ntpq.c source files for building the "library version of ntpq". I will add a set of wrapper functions that allow to easily open, use and close "connections" to ntpd, like:

my_conn = open_server(""); 
read_ntp_sysvar(my_conn, "offset", strvalue);
printf("Current NTP offset : %s ", strvalue);

-- HeikoGerstung - 24 Jun 2008
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