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Status Report 03 (August 1st, 2008)

Current Milestones

Here I will list all project milestones that I started working or that I finished since the last status report.

Implement Mode 6 handler (sending/receiving) (#03)

I managed to build a libntpq.a file by modifying / expanding the ntpq/Makefile.am file. The linker now complains about a missing main() which I specifically avoided for the lib version of ntpq. I am currently working on this with Harlan.

Upcoming Milestones

This section will show which milestones I am going to start working on before the next status report is due.

Implement MIB objects (#04)

This milestone is depending on #03, but as a workaround I could implement a number of MIB objects using my shell script workaround. I will start to work on this at the end of this week in order to be able to put together a working version of the daemon until the soft pencils down date (08/11).

-- HeikoGerstung - 04 Aug 2008
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