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Suggested TODO list

Group 1 (Protocol issues?)

  • SNTP RFC cleanup (Obsolete - now part of the NTPv4 spec)
  • NTP4 RFC
  • What year? (I think this is the "ntpd requires the year to be correct to within 34 years")
  • std "command and control"

Group 2 (website things?)

  • Searchable Docs
  • sample configs

Group 3 (code issues?)

  • new conf file format
  • rewrite
  • bad cli/ui
    • autogen may fix this
  • man pages
    • autogen may fix this

ISC Intern ideas

  • Get the Rackable's special serial console port working and cabled
    • switch serial consoles to that port
    • free up the existing/stock serial port for use by refclocks
  • Move the big serial card from psp-fb2 to a new machine (another rackable?) that is reachable even if psp0 is down
  • Create a Yost DB9P/DCE connector for the empty RS-232 port on RHS of the top row of 4 ports on the back of the Meinberg, then build a silver-satin cable for it (with a twist) and plug that in to the (Yost) DB9/DTE connector on the back of psp-fb2, the serial port labeled #4 (I think - on the set of 4 serial ports back there, the bottom-right goes to the COM0 port of the Meinberg and the top-left goes to the RIPE-NCC card just to the left. The bottom-left serial port of the set of 4 is unused).
  • RMA the Netgear GS108(?) switch, labeled "ILOM/IPMI". It should be about waist height on top of a cardboard box on the NTP PSP rack.


Site Issues

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