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SNTP Issues

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At some point we will probably want to split some of this into a separate topic or few.

DONE The sntp code must have an appropriate license (NTP/ISC/MIT/BSD-without-advertising).

DONE The sntp code must be a complete and accurate implementation of the current/proposed SNTP specification.

DONE The SNTP code should also be able to be separated from the rest of the NTP codebase.

DONE It is OK to have the SNTP code have a support library that is shared with the NTP code.

DONE There are tricky things like making sure we do the correct logging to wtmp and/or utmp (or their *x versions) whenever the time is stepped.

Then the slope gets a bit more slippery.

DONE What about logging? (and it could be better still)

DONE What about exit status?

DONE Also, I want to keep using autogen for the options processing and man page generation.

-- HarlanStenn - 27 Oct 2007


We must get rid of the "daemon" code in the current SNTP program, and make the beast conform (as best and fully as we can) to the proposed/draft SNTP spec (RFC 4330).

-- HarlanStenn - 10 Jul 2005

sntp currently will not display any results if the remote server is unsynchronized. This makes sense. However, it may be useful to display the value returned by the remote server in this case, with an indication that the remote server is unsynchronized.

Here are some choices:

  • 2006 Sep 12 20:16:04.123 UNSYNCHRONIZED
  • 2006 Sep 12 20:16:04.123 +/- infinity

-- HarlanStenn - 12 Sep 2006

The current output from sntp looks like:

 % sntp -u localhost
 2006 Nov 24 23:37:23.361 + 0.000 +/- 0.001 secs

Should the number of decimal places displayed be a function of the precision of the remote host?

Should we display the precision of the remote host?

-- HarlanStenn - 24 Nov 2006
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