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Statistics File Issues

ntpd can generate a variety of statistics as it runs.

Over time, any of these statistics files may have undergone a change in its content or format which makes it difficult to analyze "previous" and "current" data.

Let's use this page to discuss these issues and evolve a solution.

What about generating a "comment line" as the first line generated for every statistics file?

Perhaps something like:

 #loopstats v1
 # day now offset freq*1e6 jitter stability*1e6 spoll

This way we could easily grep out the comment lines and/or use a perl program to combine data from different versions of each statistics file into the desired format.

-- HarlanStenn - 12 Nov 2006

I like that idea, but I would like to take it a step further. I think that the format line should be inserted every time ntpd starts up. Because the ntp.conf file is largely backwards compatible, users often will switch between versions of ntpd and xntpd without changing the names of the stats files, so it is possible to get a mix of formats in a single file.

-- BrianUtterback - 13 Nov 2006

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