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NTP Testing Lab

Background and Overview

NTP can benefit from operational testing in a controlled and studied environment.

This topic exists to provide a place to track the information regarding:

  • What that lab could be used for
  • Exactly how various testing would be performed
  • TestingLabInfrastructure - the sort of equipment that lab should contain
  • Anything else about the lab

What/How to test

A side-benefit of all testing is that it provides an excellent opportunity to compare the actual behavior with the documented behavior, correcting and augmenting the documentation as we go.

Overall Behavior

The various operational modes of NTP can be tested, using a variety of:

  • different versions of NTP, running on
  • different versions of
  • different OSes, on
  • different types of hardware

We can test under a variety of network behaviors (async delays, jitter, dropped packets).

Behavior and Quality of Refclocks

A variety of different refclocks can be tested and their behavior measured.

Internal behavior of NTP

We can measure the sources of delay, error, and jitter in NTP.


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