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Code Audit The NTP Codebase undergoes security and defect audits from a number of sources, including: Area By Dates Protocol and core code David L. M...
Links NTP Ports Microsoft Windows * Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Windows .NET Server 2003 Maintained by .TerjeMathisen (terje.mathisen@hda.hydro.com) * Wind...
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Release Notifications and Information Mailing Lists and Google Groups Announcements are made on the following mailing lists and Google groups: * Development ...
Release Numbering Scheme Related Topics: Dev.EmbeddedVersionStringContent, Dev.ReleaseNumberingSchemeDiscussion ntp 4.3.0 (new) Once ntp 4.2.8 has been released ...
NTP Software Development New users should consult the documentation page before contacting the NTP development team with questions. Bugzilla Tracking of NTP bug...
Stable: 4.2.8p15 Released: June 23, 2020
Header of User Homepages Note: This is a maintenance topic, used by the Wiki administrator. The part between the horizontal rules gets included at the top of ever...
Network Time Foundation's NTP Support Wiki Providing public support services for Network Time Foundation's NTP Project and hosting the IETF NTP Working Group. Cop...
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