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  • The DNS name for gps1.otc.psu.edu changed to the current hostname; please use DNS
  • This hardware does not support rdate or daytime protocols; NTPv3 only

ServerForm edit

ServerStratum StratumOne
CountryCode US PA
Hostname gps1.tns.its.psu.edu
IP Address
IPv6 Address 2610:8:7900:12:2a0:69ff:fe01:39e7
UseDNS Yes
PoolMember No
ServerLocation Penn State University, University Park, PA
GeographicCoordinates 40:47:58.1N, 77:51:44.8W (USGS 40077-G7-TF-024)
ServerSynchronization NTP V3 primary (GPS), TrueTime XL/DC NTP module
ServiceArea Internet, Internet2, 3ROX
AccessPolicy ClosedAccess
AccessDetails Closed access, except for stratum-2 servers providing synchronization to local networks of ten or more hosts; others by arrangement only.
NotificationMessage Yes
ServerContact John Balogh (JDB+NTP@psu.edu)
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