Updated: October 9th, 2007.

Due to troublesome issues stemming from the dynamic IP address of the server, I must take out of public service effectively immediately.

Since the majority of systems querying the server use NTP, which only resolves the IP address of a server once when the server starts up (and whenever the ntp daemon is restarted), such systems stop syncing to the server whenever the IP address of the server changes. Since most NTP systems remain online for months at a time, this could result in remote systems annoying whatever system occupies the previously-used IP address of until they restart and check DNS again. This is a Bad Thing(tm).

To prevent service interruption for users, I've set to point at, an open-access stratum 2 in California run by Wireless Time as a public service. This server is hosted in the same facility as Wireless Time's NIST server, and so provides excellent time. (Many thanks to Wireless Time for providing such a service to the public.)

This is only a temporary measure, and you should remove from your ntp.conf file and replace it with a suitable public server. I reserve the right to remove the DNS name at any time in the future. I'll probably leave it as it presently is for several months before removing it to make sure that nobody's time service is interrupted. Again, please remove from your ntp.conf file and replace it with another suitable public server.

This site's Inactive Server's listing is borked at the moment, so I've left this entry in the Stratum Two list for the time being but have marked the server as Closed Access. My hope is that people currently querying the server will see the notice and remove from their configuration files. Once the Inactive Servers listing becomes un-borked, I'll move the listing from the Stratum Two list to there.

In the future, I look forward to providing public time service, but currently my network arrangements do not permit me to do so in a manner that is satisfactory to the internet community.

-Pete Stephenson

ServerForm edit

ServerStratum Inactive
CountryCode US AZ
IP Address
IPv6 Address
UseDNS Yes
PoolMember No
AccessPolicy ClosedAccess
AccessDetails Closed access. Do not use this server.
NotificationMessage Yes
AutoKey No
ServerContact Server closed. Please remove it from your ntp.conf file.
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