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ServerForm edit

ServerStratum StratumOne
CountryCode US NJ
Hostname ntp0.jrc.us
IP Address
IPv6 Address
UseDNS Yes
PoolMember No
ServerLocation Jensen Research Corporation, Ramsey NJ
GeographicCoordinates 41 4.500 N, 74 8.094 W
ServerSynchronization NTP V4 primary; Pr\xE6cis Ct CDMA clock; Intel I3 Ubuntu 9.10
ServiceArea Eastern US
AccessPolicy RestrictedAccess
AccessDetails Access permitted from stratum-2 servers providing synchronization to local networks of ten or more hosts; others by arrangement only.
NotificationMessage Yes
AutoKey No
ServerContact JRC Network Ops (noc@jensenresearch.com) 201 962-7900
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