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ServerForm edit

ServerStratum StratumOne
CountryCode HR
Hostname ntp.hr
IP Address
IPv6 Address
UseDNS Yes
PoolMember Yes
ServerLocation Zagreb, Croatia
HostOrganization LDM/REM Lab - Remote Metrology Laboratory, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
GeographicCoordinates 45\xB048'05.5"N, 15\xB058'16.0"E
ServerSynchronization GPS/GLN/GAL primary, Meinberg LANTIME M1000, NTP v4
ServiceArea Croatia, Europe
AccessPolicy OpenAccess
NotificationMessage Yes
AutoKey Yes
AutoKeyURL www.ntp.hr - per individual request
SymmetricKey Yes
SymmetricKeyType MD5
SymmetricKeyURL www.ntp.hr - per individual request (SHA256, AES128CMAC, SHA512, MD5 and SHA1)
ServerContact www.ntp.hr
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