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ServerForm edit

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ServerStratum StratumOne
CountryCode DE
Hostname ntp01.sixtopia.net
IP Address
IPv6 Address
UseDNS Yes
PoolMember Yes
ServerLocation Sixtopia Networks, D-12103 Berlin, Germany
HostOrganization Sixtopia.net - Services for the community <3
GeographicCoordinates 52.4657,13.3696
ServerSynchronization Meinberg M300 [PZF], M200 [GPS]
ServiceArea Europe
AccessPolicy OpenAccess
AccessDetails Open for EU Members, others after mail contact.
NotificationMessage No
AutoKey Yes
SymmetricKey Yes
SymmetricKeyType MD5
SymmetricKeyURL lW{s)D)@'~(`Qh?1bhrM
ServerContact ntp@sixtopia.net
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