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ServerForm Definition for the Servers web

Name: Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message: Attributes:
ServerStratum select 1 StratumTwo, StratumOne, Inactive The stratum this time server normally operates at  
CountryCode text 6   2 letter alphanumeric ISO Country Code not the telephone code or post code M
Hostname text 48   The fully qualified host name of this time server M
IP Address text 32   The IPv4 address of the time server M
IPv6 Address text 32   The IPv6 address of this time server  
UseDNS radio 1 Yes, No Use DNS instead of hostname  
PoolMember radio 1 No, Yes Include this server in pool.ntp.org lists?  
ServerLocation text 48   The City/State/Province where this server is located M
HostOrganization text 48   The name of the organization hosting, sponsoring, or operating this time server  
GeographicCoordinates text 48   The geographic coordinates of this time server  
ServerSynchronization text 48   Server synchronization (e.g. type of ref-clock)  
ServiceArea text 48   Enter your service area M
AccessPolicy select 1 OpenAccess, RestrictedAccess, ClosedAccess Select your access policy  
AccessDetails text 48   Enter your access policy details  
NotificationMessage radio 1 Yes, No Send notification message?  
AutoKey radio 1 No, Yes Does this server support Autokey authentication?  
AutoKeyURL text 48   Where to obtain the client key  
SymmetricKey radio 1 No, Yes Is Symmetric Key authentication supported by this server?  
SymmetricKeyType checkbox 2 DES, MD5 Types of Symmetric Keys available  
SymmetricKeyURL text 48   Where to obtain information about Symmetric Key authentication  
ServerContact text 48   The e-mail address for contacting the time server operator M

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