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Configuring ATOM (PPS) Refclocks

The ATOM refclock is built by default. Building is enabled/disabled by the option --enable-ATOM or --disable-ATOM in the configure command line, for example: ./configure --enable-ATOM

The driver will look for the PPS signal on /dev/ppsX, where X is the unit number (0-4) on the server 127.127.22.X line in your ntp.conf file.

Note that some refclocks have builtin support for a PPS signal and do not currently use the ATOM driver. See NTP-BUG 557 and LoseThePerDriverPPSCode for more information.

Note that the current kernel-mode Windows PPS driver does not support inverted polarity on the DCD line - it must be asserted (positive going) on the leading edge of the second.

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