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The following NTP-related links are (usually) contributed, and maintained, by the respective vendor. Individuals finding errors are encouraged to contact the responsible vendor or become Wiki members and correct the error themselves.

Vendors, please add your links in alphabetical order following the format of the existing entries.

ALERT! Inclusion on this list does constitute an endorsement of the vendor, or their products, by anyone associated with the NTP Project or the NTP Public Services Project.

  • Arbiter Systems - A manufacturer of precision GNSS synchronized timing products (NTP, PTP, IRIG-B, and more) and power measurement solutions (PMU, synchrophasor, power, voltage, current, harmonics, and more).

  • ELPROMA - EU manufacturer of precision NTP time servers and custom build time systems, /incl. monitoring and remote time auditing/

  • EndRun Technologies - A manufacturer of precision timing products including Network Time Servers using either GPS or CDMA as time synchronization sources. Indoor antenna installation is standard with CDMA

  • ESE - a manufacturer of precision timing, master clock, and signal distribution products for broadcast, communication and military applications. NTP related products include GPS, ESE/SMTPE/EBU, and ASCII based time servers

  • Galleon Systems- Time Synchronisation specialists. Galleon provide a wide range of NTP servers for time synchronisation of computer systems across the world. Based in the UK and US, Galleon also sell a range of Atomic and digital clocks suitable for all types of environments

  • hopf Elektronik - a German manufacturer of Industrial Timing Solutions since 1972. hopf provides a wide range of Master Clocks with integrated GPS, IRIG-B, DCF77 or NTP reference clocks and NTP time servers for synchronization of NTP/SNTP (IEC61850), IRIG-B, DCF77, and other industrial and network appliances. hopf offers standard and customized solutions for accurate timing

  • Masterclock, Inc. - a U.S. manufacturer of master clocks, NTP servers, and time displays integrating GPS, GLONASS, IRIG, SMPTE, IEEE1588 PTP to synchronize facilities, processes and people

  • Meinberg Radio Clocks - a manufacturer of NTP refclocks like GPS radio clocks and standalone NTP-compatible time server appliances with integrated GPS, IRIG, PTP/IEEE1588 or DCF77 reference clocks. If you need a refclock or a NTP server "out-of-the-box"

  • Orolia - a manufacturer of GPS-based time synchronization devices: secure NTP servers, wired, wireless and ethernet display clocks, master clocks for public safety and precise frequency references

  • Oscilloquartz SA - a manufacturer of network time and frequency solutions as well as NTP time servers with integrated single or dual GPS receivers to synchronize any networks requiring reliability and security

  • Symmetricom - a manufacturer of comprehensive network time synchronization solutions that include dedicated network time servers and the necessary synchronization, management and monitoring software to synchronize time on IT devices such as workstations, servers and routers

  • Tekron International Ltd - Since 1998, Tekron has designed and manufactured high quality GPS Clock and Time Synchronization products. Tekron's GPS Clock outputs include NTP/ SNTP, AM IRIG-B, DC IRIG-B, DCF77 and many more. Tekron also market a range of IRIG-B products

  • TimeTools - a UK manufacturer of computer and computer network time synchronisation devices. Solutions include dedicated ntp servers and ntp reference clock time servers for PCs

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