Administrative Mailing Lists

We need some new (different) mailing lists. At the moment, these new mailing lists will probably be closed/private lists

Please edit/revise/add comments.

Here's a table of folks and topics - it may help.

[Edited according to previous discussions and comments on this page.]

who ietf site-mgt site-workers root postmaster webmaster abuseSorted ascending
John Conner y ? y ? ? ? ?
Paul Vixie ? y n n n n n
Karen O'Donoghue y n n n n n n
John Hay ? ? n n n n n
Frederick Bruckman ? ? n n n n n
Ulrich Windl ? ? n n n n n
Peter Losher n ? ? n n n n n n n y n n n
Brad Knowles n y y y y n y
Danny Mayer y y y n n y y
Steve Kostecke ? ? y y ? y y
Harlan Stenn y y y y y y y

Note that "root" would be handled exclusively as an alias and not a list, in case of serious problems while Mailman was non-functional. We can discuss whether or not we should do the same for postmaster, webmaster, and abuse.

Also note that most of the corresponding addresses on maccarony for are already being forwarded to their counterparts on ntp1 for So, is forwarded to, is forwarded to, etc....

-- BradKnowles - 09 Nov 2004

We must ensure that only sees the output of periodic jobs and root mail that Really Counts(tm).

-- SteveKostecke - 09 Nov 2004

Done. The root crontab on ntp2 now has MAILTO="", which will prevent from receiving any of those messages.

There is no root crontab on ntp1, but we will need to keep this modification in mind should we create one.

There was no modification made to /etc/crontab on either machine.

-- BradKnowles - 09 Nov 2004

There's also a need for a separate list for people wanting to email updates to the time server list rather than it being an alias to webmasters or whatever.

-- DannyMayer - 09 Nov 2004

Forwarding to is no longer necessary now that we've moved to

-- SteveKostecke - 21 Dec 2007

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