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NTP users are strongly urged to take immediate action to ensure that their NTP daemons are not susceptible to being used in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Please also take this opportunity to defeat denial-of-service attacks by implementing Ingress and Egress filtering through BCP38.

ntp-4.2.8p15 was released on 23 June 2020. It addresses 1 medium-severity security issue in ntpd, and provides 13 non-security bugfixes over 4.2.8p13.

Please see the NTP Security Notice for vulnerability and mitigation details.

Are you using Autokey in production? If so, please contact Harlan - he's got some questions for you.

Bugzilla Produce and Component Layout


As of 2009, we are using the following products and components in the NTP Bugzilla:

  • ntp
    • refclock - ONCORE: The Motorola ONCORE refclock driver.
    • Documentation: NTP documentation
    • refclock - (other): Reference clocks
    • ntpd: The ntpd daemon
    • refclock - modem: Any of the modem-based refclocks (ACTS, CHU, PTB, USNO)
    • - other: Items that don't have their own component
    • crypto: Any crypto-related items
    • refclock - jupiter: Jupiter refclock driver
    • refclock - neoclock4x: The NeoClock4X refclock.
    • html2man: Converts certain .html files to .man pages
    • refclock - ARCRON: The ARCRON reference clock family
    • refclock - NMEA: The NMEA refclock line
    • refclock - parse: "Parse" refclocks.
    • refclock - JJY: JJY refclock
    • refclock - ulink: Ultralink refclocks
    • refclock - ACTS: The ACTS/NIST,USNO,PTB,NTL modem refclock driver
    • refclock - arbiter: The Arbiter 1088A/B Satellite Controlled Clock refclock
    • refclock - as2201: The Austron 2201A GPS refclock driver.
    • refclock - atom: PPS/PPSAPI clock driver
    • refclock - bancomm: Datum/Bancomm bc635VME/bc350VXI Time and Frequency Processor
    • refclock - chronolog: Chronolog K-series WWVB refclock driver
    • refclock - chu: Canadian CHU time/frequency refclock driver
    • refclock - datum: DATUM programmable time server refclock
    • refclock - dumbclock: Driver for a dumbclock that provides HH:MM:SS in local timezone
    • refclock - fg: Forum Graphic GPS driver
    • refclock - gpsvme: Brandywine PCI-SyncClock32 (HP-UX) driver
    • refclock - heath: Heath GC-1000 Most Accurate Clock driver
    • refclock - hopfpci: hopf PCI board (GPS or DCF77) driver
    • refclock - hopfser: hopf serial card (GPS or DCF77) refclock driver
    • refclock - hpgps: HP 58503A GPS receiver driver
    • refclock - irig: IRIG B/E demodulator/decode driver
    • refclock - leitch: Leitch CSD-5300 Master Clock driver
    • refclock - local: local pseudo-clock driver
    • refclock - mx4200: Magnavox MX4200 GPS driver
    • refclock - palisade: Trimble Palisade GPS driver
    • refclock - pcf: Conrad PCF parallel port radio clock
    • refclock - pst: PSTI/Traconex WWV/WWVH receiver driver
    • refclock - ripencc: RIPE NCC TTM driver
    • refclock - shm: Shared memory interface driver
    • refclock - tpro: KSI/Odetecs TPRO-S IRIG-B and TPRO-SAT GPS driver
    • refclock - true: Kinemetrics Truetime driver
    • refclock - tt560: TrueTime 560 IRIG-B driver
    • refclock - wwv: NIST WWV/H refclock driver
    • refclock - wwvb: Spectracom WWVB and GPS driver
    • refclock - zyfer: Zyfer GPStarplus driver
    • ntpsnmpd: NTP's SNMP MIB interface daemon
    • Windows GUI installer: The GUI installer for Windows
    • ntpdc: ntpdc
    • ntpq: ntp query program
    • ntp.conf parser: The new configuration parsing code.
  • sntp
    • General
  • infrastructure
    • #ntp: #ntp IRC channel
    • #ntp-private: #ntp-private IRC channel
    • bitkeeper: BitKeeper issues
    • bugzilla: Bugzilla issues
    • CVS: CVS repository issues
    • email: email issues, Mailing list maintenance
    • nagios: Nagios monitoring system
    • pool.ntp.org: Issues for pool.ntp.org
    • sysadmin: Site systems admin issues
    • twiki: TWiki issues
    • User Accounts: User accounts on various NTP-related machines
    • website: Overall website issues
  • FAQ
    • Content *Format


Make sntp a component of ntp?

Once upon a time we decided there were Good Reasons to have the SNTP code be a separate bugzilla product from the NTP code.

Now that we have a new sntp implementation and as time passes we will likely be sharing more and more code between these two codebases Harlan is thinking that it might be overall easier to have any SNTP issues handled by a component under the NTP bugzilla product.

MHO: Toss the current SNTP client, it reeks. It violates RFC, has no maintainer, Dave dislikes it, toast it. Rename the gsoc_sntp to sntp and go forward without the old one. As far as code base, I would prefer to see it independent of the ntp distro. Yes, there are some code reuse issues, but the independence, and the simplicity, of the new SNTP client, make up for the duplication. .02

-- RobNeal - 12 Aug 2009

Rob, we will be deleting the old/current SNTP client and using the gsoc_sntp client, perhaps as soon as 4.2.6. At that time we'll be renaming the subdir from gsoc_sntp to sntp.

The sntp/ subdir will produce a stand-alone source code tarball.

And separate from all of this is the issue of "should ntp and sntp be separate bugzilla products, or should we just use a single ntp product and have sntp be a separate compoment?" I'm leaning toward the latter.

-- HarlanStenn - 12 Aug 2009

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