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SNMP Client Handler

Write an SNMP client in (any acceptable programming/scripting language).

The program will use mode 6 requests (ntpq calls) to get the requested information from the local ntpd.

Sponsoring Organization: Google

Requirements: Appropriate programming skills, familiarity with SNMP.

Related Topics:

Mentor: HarlanStenn

Student: HeikoGerstung

Status Reports


I am interested in this project and willing to contribute.

-- VenuGopal - 29 May 2008

Great. I am not sure what scope of assistance is allowed for GSoC , but it would be definitely good to have someone who would be willing to test things during development and who is experienced with snmp and ntp.

-- HeikoGerstung - 29 May 2008

OK. Even I am not aware of the scope of assistance. But I am always willing to contribute to this project in any form.

-- VenuGopal - 30 May 2008


Implementation Milestones

Description % Done Delivery Date
Define MIB Sections to be supported 100 20080606
Create instance of loadable agent 100 20080610
Implement Mode 6 handler (sending/receiving) 40 20080712
Implement MIB objects   20080801
Biweekly Status Report 100 20080606
Biweekly Status Report - 20080620
Biweekly Status Report vac 20080704
Begin Midterm Evaluation 100 20080707
Midterm Evaluation Due 100 20080714
Biweekly Status Report vac 20080718
Biweekly Status Report 100 20080801
Soft "Pencils Down"   20080811
Biweekly Status Report   20080815
Hard "Pencils Down"   20080818
Final Evaluation   20080901

Harlan, is there a chance that this table will automatically sort its rows based on the Delivery Date?

-- HeikoGerstung - 29 May 2008

Heiko, "mouse over" the "Delivery Date" title in the table...

-- HarlanStenn - 30 May 2008

Got it, thanks a lot :-)

-- HeikoGerstung - 30 May 2008

I unfortunately had to reschedule the mode 6 handler part to a later date. I accidentially entered the wrong date (which has been already assigned to another milestone).

-- HeikoGerstung - 24 Jun 2008

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