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We use adjtime() to set time, this is implemented as adjtimex() in Linux kernel (kernel/time/ntp.c); there's also a function to set frequency as adjfreq() may needed in ntpd (ntp_loopfilter.c), these codes are not covered by our existing unit tests.

Writing tests for adjtime() may be difficult for it is a syscall on many mornden OSes, so the detailed implemention is not part of NTP, this is one of the first problems I need to solve. After writing some unit tests, testing and studying those two method is another major part of this project, some scripts will be writen to collect data from running ntpd clients and servers.


  • Get to familiar with google test framework
  • Write unit test for adjtime() and adjfreq()
  • Test mainly adjtime() and adjfreq() as client and server
  • Study how those two methods works with NTP and how are the differ from each other
  • ...


Date Task DescriptionSorted ascending % Done
08-09 A Short Travel A planned short travel for about 1 week, the work will continue during this but not full days.  
06-28 A Short Travel A short travel in weekends for a meeting, will be offline for less than 72 hours. choice-yes
08-25 Analysis & Buffer Analysis the testing results and do more tests if needed, this period is also a buffer for any unexpeted time usage.  
06-17 Coding Begins Begin coding for the GSoC project, write simple tests for adjtime() and ntp_adjtime(), test as client. 80%
07-20 Documetation Cleanup former work and write documents for them, prepare for midterm evals  
09-27 Final Evaluation Final Evaluations Deadline  
10-01 Final Results Final Results Announced  
07-29 BO Midterm Evals Mentors and students can begin submitting mid-term evaluations.  
09-23 Firm "Pencils Down" Mentors, students and organization administrators can begin submitting final evaluations to Google.  
08-02 EO Midterm Evals Mid-term evaluations deadline. Begin testing of adjfreq().  
05-27 Community Bonding Read documents and set up proper environment, do some sample tests for preparation. choice-yes
09-27 Code Samples Students begin uploading code samples  
09-16 Wrap-up Suggested "Pencils Down" date. Finishing documents and analysising.  
08-14 More Tests Testing of adjfreq() as client and server, compare with adjtime() method, study the differences.  
07-05 Server Testing Write more tests and do them when NTP runs as a server.  

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