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GSoC 2015 Testing - Damir Tomic


Related Items:


  • learning the basics of Unity test framework
    • understanding how to build tests
    • learning how to autogenerate test runners (equivalent of tests-main.cpp in Google test)
    • understanding Unity source code
  • editing Unity test framework
    • changing output format to a more understandable one
    • adding support for XFAIL and XPASS (currently calling it Custom Unity)
    • modifying existing Ruby script which generates testRunner.c, a file which calls all tests.
  • converting tests from Google test framework to Unity test framework
    • learning the differences between two frameworks
    • solving problems related to makefiles and includes
    • solving include issues which only appear on psp-at1 and psp-fb1 (not on psp-db1 however)
  • modifiying Makefile.am in /tests/libntp/
    • expanding knowlege about makefiles
    • changing Makefile.am so it runs both old google tests and the new ones, automatically (working together with Harlan Stenn)
  • teaching, learning with and from other GSoC students
  • converting all remaning Google test framework tests
    • tests/ntpd
    • sntp/tests/
  • updated the unity dir, after Mark's improvements to Unity
    • function declarations and definitions in the same test caused the ruby generator to call every function twice instead of once
    • Mark's update to the Ruby generator script fixed this, allowing us to add function declarations and avoid compiler warnings.
    • reduced the number of warnings in existing unity tests
  • Improved some Makefile.am by removing unnecessary CFLAGs and LDADDs
    • All traces of GTEST were removed by Harlan
  • writing new tests (complete list of tests can be found : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SMgPttGH_ySujPUp4ap7IDKlIM97c_Xb7GUngJucrJw/ )
    • tests/ntpd
    • tests/ntpq
  • doing a minor fix in sntp/log.c after writing a test for it
  • assisted in fixing bug 2892
  • figuring out how to use CMock
    • CMock may not be the best tool for NTP to use, as it mocks the entire .c|h file.
    • CMOCK uses a Ruby script to generate mockfoo.c|h from foo.h.
  • learning how to manually mock / stub functions
    • tests include foo.c, and link the necessary .o files. That way, static functions can be tested as well
    • good examples are tests t-ntp_scanner.c and t-ntp_signd.c (in tests/ntpd)
  • fixed bug 2898
  • Cleaning up code, improvements to existing tests, finalizing documentation, doing code rewivews, discussing...


Date Task Description % Done
04-27 Community Bonding Students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects. choice-yes
05-25 Coding Begins Students begin coding for their GSoC projects  
06-26 BO Midterm Evals Mentors and students can begin submitting mid-term evaluations.  
07-03 EO Midterm Evals Mid-term evaluations deadline.  
08-17 Wrap-up Suggested "Pencils Down" date. Take a week to scrub code, write tests, improve documentation, etc.  
08-21 Firm "Pencils Down" Mentors, students and organization administrators can begin submitting final evaluations to Google.  
08-28 Final Evaluation Final Evaluations Deadline  
08-28 Code Samples Students begin uploading code samples  
08-31 Final Results Final Results Announced  

Discussion and Comments


-- RahulKumar - 2015-05-04

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