NTP Contact Information

The primary sources of assistance for NTP users are the documentation, this site, the newsgroup and the FAQ. The development mailing lists are not for end-user support. Please use direct e-mail as a last resort.

General Contacts

Bugs, Security Issues, and Suggestions

Tracking of NTP development concerns, including security issues, is done using Bugzilla, an open-source bug tracking system developed by the the Mozilla team. Our Bugzilla is located at All users need a unique Bugzilla account, which can be created from the Bugzilla page. Users are encouraged to report bugs or suggest enhancements.

ALERT! Security Issues concerning the NTP Reference Implementation may also be reported to Please report security issues concerning this web-site to

Internet Relay Chat

The official NTP IRC channel is #ntp on (the Freenode IRC network).

  • Keep in mind that the NTP IRC channel participants may not be awake or even at their computer. Please try to leave your IRC client on the channel as long as possible if you do not receive an answer soon after asking your NTP related question.
  • Please use for posting ntp.conf files and command (i.e. 'ntpq -p') output.
  • For general IRC usage information, please visit or the freenode web page.


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