This example topic for the NavbarPlugin is comprised of 3 parts of a short text of Douglas Adams

What we have to do is put a %NAVBARINDEX% in this page, and list the subtopics as items (bullets or numbered, any depth) with the topic name being the first thing after the bullet (rest is ignored)

  1. NavbarPluginExampleFirst, where we start everything
  2. NavbarPluginExampleMiddle for developing ideas

On this page (body and/or skin),

  • %NAVBAR% is expansed into %NAVBAR%
  • and %NAVBAR{graphics="on"}% is expansed into %NAVBAR{graphics="on"}%

-- ColasNahaboo - 03 Sep 2002

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Topic revision: r3 - 2002-09-12 - 09:04:12 - ColasNahaboo
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