NPL is responsible for the highest level of time and frequency measurements in India and keeping them traceable to the the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) using ultraprecise satellite links. They maintain the Indian Standard Time (IST). The time kept by them is based on a bank of Cesium (Cs) atomic clocks and a Hydrogen maser. These clocks are so accurate that they would lose or gain one second in about three lakh years. The traceability of our time scale with BIPM is at the level of few nano-seconds (ns). In addition they provide time via PSTN telephone network.

IST from NPL can be feed to a NTP Server through our device developed by us called IST Time Server.

IST Time Server Works as an Interface to the NTP protocol with the NPL in INDIA.

IST Time Server is based on 8051 microcontroller AT89s52.

AVR ATMega8 is used for the implementation of SNTP protocol.

-- RanjeetJha - 2014-01-09

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