Hello everyone. I chose to finally participate in I feel that it's a good thing, getting the time out, spreading the time like wildfire across the internet. I feel good about it, I feel It is a noble cause - spreading the time, and I'm dang happy to be a part of this community once and for all time. Rest assured my fellow denizens of, you can always reach me right here. Services helping others, in the case spreading the time, are always positive and great things and I'm happy to be in sync with the coordinated effort. To be spreading the time with ntp like ions rocketing out of jet thrusters. I'm doing this right here from Arizona. I'm here for the time being, so for now my contribution to the time pool is courtesy of the time servers at the The University Of Arizona defined in /etc/ntp.conf and relaying the time straight to my nix box. Again, I'm enamored to be spreading the time and the word, and I wish you all the best in your time proliferations with the ntp protocol!

Feel free to drop me a line here I would gladly respond. Thank you all for doing a good thing and forming the time pool, the pool in which I just dove into and am now a registered member. I am grateful and happy to be a denizen of and I just want to say hello to you all. Thanks for doing the good deeds and being good people, spread the time! I am a big fan of time, it is the fourth dimension. Not only that I am just a huge fan of it, I much prefer the 24 hr military clock to the 12 hr clock and am well adjusted to the 24 and always use it. It's still the time, GMT, UTC, whatever it may be it's time - and it's continual just like space as it expands out like a rapid firing balloon injected with helium. One with high-powered injection modules that push the helium at exponentially ground-breaking rates into the balloon. Yes like that, that is what I mean. Verbosity is getting to be not enough, I could continue on for quite some time. Now thanks for the last time and please welcome me here at my new denizenship on the internet at Thank you.

stardate 0312.5 -cet

-- ChasThompson - 2012-05-03

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