Email the server contact for sync access.

Admin preference for clients is to use the international ( or ca. / northamerica. CNAMEs. See NTPPoolServers for more information.

Strict policy with regards to access. Please follow the guidelines as given on this site. If you don't have written permission, expect to get blocked. No exceptions.

We do not run high-end servers here, we're just a small LAN, so please, if you do have written permission to sync to us, please make sure that your NTP clients are well configured as per your software's documentation; I'd rather serve people, rather than block them, or stop doing this entirely.

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ServerStratum Inactive
CountryCode CA
IP Address
IPv6 Address

UseDNS Yes
PoolMember No
ServerLocation Montréal, Canada

GeographicCoordinates 45 16 48.000 N 73 27 0.000 W
ServerSynchronization Synced from stratum 1 and/or 2 servers. Debian GNU/Linux, NTPd version 4.2.x or higher
ServiceArea CA, world
AccessPolicy RestrictedAccess
AccessDetails Email the server contact for sync access. Or use the pool.
NotificationMessage Yes
AutoKey No



ServerContact time at kisikew dot org

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