You can log into my hobbyist Solaris 11 openindiana server via "ssh" using guest account credentials in the ssh banner. You can also browse the archives on there via anonymous FTP at Join SANYALCRAFT - my MINECRAFT server at using your Minecraft client (at default MINECRAFT port 25565) - this is maintained with help from my son. Log into my DEC Digital MicroVAX 3900 server running OpenVMS VAX 7.3 by telnet using the guest account credentials in SYS$ANNOUNCE. Synchronize your time with my NTP time servers on, and at Tune into my Bengali internet radio station at or visit my associated South-Asian entertainment news portal Washington Bangla Radio USA. Get wiser - grab a FORTUNE COWSAY cookie by telnet Easily block internet advertising in your home - use my free public ad-blocker service by configuring your router to use DNS server IP addresses and Read about all the fun stuff I do and actually get around to write about at my blog.

I also maintain a free public IP Blocklist of brute force attacks over the last 48 hours.

You can reach me over DECNET via VMSMAIL from HECNET at QCOCAL::SANYAL, or over internet via this form.

ServerStratum StratumTwo
CountryCode CA
IP Address
IPv6 Address None
UseDNS Yes
PoolMember No
ServerLocation Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
HostOrganization Supratim Sanyal
GeographicCoordinates 43 26′ 39.48″ N, 80 29′ 20.76″ W
ServerSynchronization Internet Peers Only on CentOS Server
ServiceArea Worldwide
AccessPolicy OpenAccess

NotificationMessage No
AutoKey No

SymmetricKey No


ServerContact Supratim Sanyal - Contact Form:

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