This time server operates in NTP version 4 in accordance with RFC5905 and any corresponding RFCs which update 5905. NTPv4 is reverse compatible with NTP version 3.

All NTP requests to this server should be NTPv3 or NTPv4 compliant. Older NTP versions are not supported.

Access to this system is open for private Stratum 2 servers servicing ten or more hosts/clients, other uses should be done by prior approval with the server operator.

This server synchronizes with the following servers (links to their pages):

  • Server list entry maintainer:

ServerStratum StratumTwo
CountryCode US PA
IP Address
IPv6 Address

UseDNS Yes
PoolMember No
ServerLocation Pittsburgh, PA
HostOrganization Thomas Ward Consulting, LLC.

ServerSynchronization See Notes section
ServiceArea North America
AccessPolicy RestrictedAccess
AccessDetails Open access to Stratum 2 servers with ten or more hosts, other uses by approval.
NotificationMessage Yes
AutoKey No

SymmetricKey No



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