Servers Authenticated With Autokey

Stratum: Sort ISO: Sort Hostname: Access: Sort Notify? Sort Contact: Sort Last Modified:
StratumOne RU ClosedAccess Yes Victor Gerasimov ( replace_-_-_ by @ ) 2006-06-19T03:33:45Z
StratumOne IT OpenAccess Yes Giuseppe Vizio ( 2007-01-24T15:00:30Z
StratumOne IT OpenAccess Yes Giuseppe Vizio ( 2019-12-20T23:27:52Z
StratumOne US DE RestrictedAccess No David L. Mills ( 2013-05-31T23:56:53Z
StratumTwo RU OpenAccess Yes HSDN Project - ( 2021-12-24T15:01:56Z
StratumOne US CT ClosedAccess No Abuzer Rafey <> 2017-08-30T03:49:10Z
StratumTwo US MO OpenAccess Yes 2019-12-20T22:09:19Z
StratumTwo US OpenAccess No 2019-12-20T22:12:05Z
StratumOne HR OpenAccess Yes 2022-09-03T23:01:29Z
StratumOne HR OpenAccess Yes 2022-09-03T23:01:24Z
StratumOne DE OpenAccess No 2021-02-10T02:20:23Z
StratumOne +62 RestrictedAccess No 2021-05-03T13:51:05Z

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