Replying to Bugzilla-mail about existing bugs

You may reply to any bugzilla-mail for an existing bug and the text of your reply will be appended to the bug comments. Your reply must have a Subject: [Bug XXX] and should be From: .

Attachments to your reply (e.g. patches, documents) will be attached to the bug report.

Creating new bugs via e-mail

One way to get started is to send an empty e-mail to with Subject: [New Bug] and follow the instructions in the reply that you receive from bugzilla.

You may also fill in the following bug report template (add your information after the colon on each line) and mail it to with Subject: [New Bug]. You will receive an error message from bugzilla if the submitted information is incomplete or incorrect. The error message will include information that will help you correct your bug report for resubmission. You will receive a success message when your bug report is accepted.

    @product        :  
    @version        :  
    @component      :  
    @short_desc     :  

    @rep_platform   :
    @bug_severity   :
    @priority       :
    @op_sys         :
    @assigned_to    :
    @groupset       :
   < the bug-description follows here >

Bug Report Data

The following information may be used to complete the bug report template shown above and was valid when this guide was written.

  • Product (required):
    • FAQ - the ntp FAQ document
    • ntp - ntp software / documentation
    • ntp.org_site - issues about the site

  • Version:
    • Default: unspecified
    • Or select a pre-defined version for the product your bug report applies to

  • Component (required):
    • Select the pre-defined product component that your bug report applies to

  • Short Description:
    • Default: the subject of your e-mail
    • This will be the bug title

  • Platform:
    • Default: All
    • Or select one of the following pre-defined platforms:
      • All
      • N/A
      • DEC
      • HP
      • IBM
      • Macintosh
      • PC
      • SGI
      • Sun
      • Other

  • Severity:
    • Default: normal
    • Or select one of the following pre-defined serverities:
      • blocker
      • critical
      • major
      • normal
      • minor
      • trivial
      • enhancement

  • Priority:
    • Default: P3
    • Or select one of the following predefined priorities:
      • P1
      • P2
      • P3
      • P4
      • P5

  • Operating System:
    • Default: Linux
    • Or select one of the following predefined operating systems:
      • All
      • N/A
      • Windows 2000
      • Windows NT
      • Windows XP
      • MacOS X
      • Linux
      • BSDI
      • FreeBSD
      • NetBSD
      • OpenBSD
      • AIX
      • HP-UX
      • IRIX
      • OpenVMS
      • OSF/1
      • Solaris
      • SunOS
      • Ultrix
      • other

  • Assigned To:
    • Default: QA contact
    • Or enter a valid bugzilla e-mail address

  • Groupset:
    • Default: Internal Bug
    • Or enter one, or more, predefined group names. Seperate multiple names with spaces
      • ntp.org_site - for bugs that should be seen only by the staff
      • Security - for security related bugs that should only be seen by the ntp security team
      • Members - for bugs that should only be seen by ntp project members

-- SteveKostecke - 28 Jul 2003

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