If you are not familiar with the NTP collaboration tool, please visit WelcomeGuest and ReadMeFirst in the NTP.TWiki web first.

The NTP Knowledge Base has the following functions:

  1. Submit Data to the Knowledge Base: Enter data that could be useful for other NTP users.
  2. Search the Knowledge Base: Search for information about NTP
  3. Email Notification: Subscribe in WebNotify to get notified by email whenever the knowledge base gets updated.

Submit Data to the Knowledge Base

Please feel free to add any information you think can help other NTP users to solve their problems. To contribute to the knowledge base, please create a new topic that contains a problem and solution (or workaround) pair.

To submit data to the Knowledge Base:

  • Think of a good topic name. It is recommended to use a name that describes the problem, e.g. an error message. The topic name should comply to the WikiNotation. An sample topic name for the error message Incorrect DLL version W32PTH10.DLL would be IncorrectDllVersionW32PTH10DLL .
  • The easiest way to create a new topic is to type in a new topic name into the edit field at the top of each page, press Enter and then click on the Create link at the bottom of the page.
  • Edit the new topic or copy & paste the text you already have.
  • Select the appropriate items in the NTP.NTP form. See WebForm for details. This allows detailed search in WebSearch later on.
  • [Preview Changes] and [Save Changes] when you are done.

Search the Knowledge Base

Please use the WebSearch topic to search for a solution to a problem.

Email Notification

Subscribe in WebNotify to get notified by email when the knowledge base gets updated.

-- SteveKostecke - 02 May 2003

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