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Setting the clock before starting.

It has been suggested that ntpd -gq ; ntpd is not the best way to start ntpd. Since the -g option allows a single step operation and requires that ntp halt rather than do another step if another is needed, it seems to me that quitting after setting the clock and restarting without restrictions is a good, if not the best, way to do it.

-- RichardBGilbert - 16 Sep 2004

ntp will not halt if another step is needed, unless the step is greater than SANITY (1000, by default) seconds.

The only reason to separate into the two steps you describe is if you want to use a different configuration file for startup and runtime.

Otherwise, there is no functional difference between ntpd -gq ; ntpd and ntpd -g.

(And remember about iburst and -N, at least. But those are described in the main topic.)

-- HarlanStenn - 16 Sep 2004

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