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GnuSkin Download & Installation Instructions


File: Description:
bin/gnusave The savemulti script
bin/gnusearch The photonsearch script
data/TWiki/GnuSkin.txt Skin description
data/TWiki/GnuSkinPlugin.txt Plugin description
data/TWiki/GnuSkinInstall.txt Installation notes
lib/TWiki/Plugins/GnuSkinPlugin.pm Plugin Perl module
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/add-attachment.png Attachment icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/arrow-left-24.png Back arrow
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/bubble-LL.png Lower left round edege icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/bubble-LR.png Lower right round edege icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/bubble-UL.png Upper left round edege icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/bubble-UR.png Upper right round edege icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/edit.png Edit topic icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/folder.png Folder (more) icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/logo.png Default web logotype icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/page.png View topic icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/print.png View printable icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/rcs_diff.png View diffs icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/search.png Search topics icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/theme.png Select skin/theme icon
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/twikiblue.css Default blue style
pub/TWiki/GnuSkin/twikigreen.css Green style
templates/attach.gnu.tmpl Attach file template
templates/changeform.gnu.tmpl Change form template
templates/edit.gnu.tmpl Edit topic template
templates/preview.gnu.tmpl Topic preview template
templates/renamebase.gnu.tmpl Rename/move topic template
templates/rdiff.gnu.tmpl Topic diffs template
templates/search.gnu.tmpl Generic search template
templates/searchbookview.gnu.tmpl Bookview search template
templates/searchformat.gnu.tmpl Search template
templates/searchrenameview.gnu.tmpl Search template
templates/twiki.gnu.tmpl Snippets for generic templates
templates/view.gnu.tmpl View topic template


  • Unpack the archive inside your TWiki installation directory. (All the GnuSkin files have a Gnu substring embedded to ensure you do not overwrite any of TWiki's original files.)

  • Add the following line to TWikiPreferences or to any WebPreferences topic. Remember, six spaces an asterisk and the Set keyword to specify an option.
    • Set SKIN = gnu

  • If using multiple skin handlers then the following line needs to be included in TWikiPreferences to set the TWiki wide default or in a specific WebPreferences topic to use the Gnu Skin handler only for that Web.
    • Set SKINHANDLER = Gnu

  • Note: If this is the first (and only) skin handler the TWiki skin handler defaults to procssing the SKIN unless SKINHANDLER is set to some value besides Gnu.

-- HurdWiki :Main/JoachimNilsson - March 2nd 2003

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