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Mostly, everyone gets curious when we talk about AR-15 and its parts. Basically, the AR micro buffer tube is accountable for the functionality and reliability of the AR-15 and it is a very crucial part of the rifle. The other term for buffer tube is the receiver extension.

You can spot it on the backside of the rifle, a metal piece sticking out of the rifle where you attach the buttstock of the rifle. You can easily find the mechanism of the buffer and recoil spring inside.

There are two types of buffer tubes: Commercial Buffer Tubes and Mil-spec Buffer Tubes and these cannot be interchanged with each other. So you should know how to recognize their type and how you can tell which one is which.

M-LOK Accessories are the additional improvement for your AR-15's rail system. Many rifles use it for the better performance of the rifle.

Commercial Buffer Tubes

It consists of a vast diameter as compared to Mil-spec counterpart. These are less costly which does not really affect the it's overall performance.

Mil-spec Buffer Tubes

It comes in only one specific design and due to it's smaller diameter than commercial buffer tubes both can't be interchanged. It is more costly than but the most suggested buffer tube.

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