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Ginger Beer Notes

22:39 <verm__> 2L is fine i use the smaller ones
22:39 <verm__> beacuse 2L takes ages to open
22:39 <harlan> and being in Canada you can get real root-beer extract...
22:39 <harlan> ah.
22:39 <harlan> The other downside is I usually take mine at room-temp, not 
22:39 <verm__> you can do 2L and put it in the fridge faster
22:40 <verm__> you can do that too
22:40 <verm__> release the gas first
22:40 <verm__> then let it sit outside for a few hours
22:40 <verm__> it'll re-carbonate
22:40 <verm__> i do that all the time
22:40 <harlan> I suspect we'll get an education.
22:40 <harlan> how full should the bottles be?
22:40 <verm__> https://www.netcooks.com/recipes/Beverages/Dave%27s.Ginger.Beer.html
22:40 <verm__> excellent recipe
22:41 <harlan> thanks!
22:41 <verm__> hmm for a 2L leave about 2" from the top
22:41 <verm__> that's for alcoholic
22:41 <verm__> do you have a guicer?
22:41 <verm__> err juicer?
22:42 <verm__> if not, a couple of tips
22:42 <harlan> sort of.
22:42 <verm__> when you slice the lemons throw it all in
22:42 <verm__> seeds, skin and all
22:42 <verm__> they'll turn clear after 2 weeks
22:42 <verm__> also when doing the ginger
22:42 <verm__> do NOT cook it
22:42 <verm__> grind it with a little water in a blender, or usse a juicer
22:42 <verm__> don't peel it
22:42 <verm__> and throw it in *after* you've boiled everything
22:42 <harlan> I was gonna get a "ginger grater"
22:42 <verm__> this will keep the ginger taste
22:43 <verm__> unless you plan on hiring the hulk to grate your ginger
22:43 <verm__> i suggest you use a blender and some water
22:43 <harlan> :)
22:43 <verm__> you'll need a few LBs
22:43 <verm__> cost-wise about 20L should cost ~10$
22:43 <harlan> that would be great.
22:43 <verm__> adding the habinero is worth it, it'll give you an excellent 
               nasal burn
22:44 <harlan> :)
22:44 <harlan> we are growing various peppers in San Jose and here in OR.
22:44 <verm__> https://thehowzone.com/how/making_ginger_beer
22:44 <verm__> recipe for non-alc ginger ber
22:44 <verm__> beer
22:44 <verm__> i use this one, mostly
22:44 <verm__> for both alc and non-alc
22:45 <verm__> i add extra stuff too like cloves etc
22:45 <verm__> page 5 has a good recipe for the non-alc kind
22:45 <verm__> that's the first one i discovered that was any good
22:46 <verm__> after you've made it a few times you'll start experimenting :)
22:46 <verm__> i use stevia to sweeten now, the sugar is eaten by the yeast as 
22:47 <verm__> i also don't bother boiling water, i just fill a stainless steel 
               container a few days in advance with water
22:47 <verm__> the cholrine will evaporate
22:47 <verm__> and it'll collect natural yeast
22:47 <verm__> and i suggest you search locally and find real champaign yeast
22:47 <verm__> you can get it at any brew store
22:47 <verm__> it's worth it

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