NTP TWiki PrivateWebPolicy

Certain webs on the NTP TWiki are designated as Private Webs. These webs are governed by this PrivateWebPolicy in addition to the PrivacyPolicy. Information published in the Private Webs of the NTP TWiki is generally not intended for disemmination to the general public. Private Web users are requested to respect the confidentiality of information posted on any Private Web.

The NTP TWiki Private Webs are not totally secure; published information is subject to disclosure under the provision of the PrivacyPolicy.

Implied Consent

Use of the Private Webs in the TWiki indicates that you accept the terms and conditions of the current version of this PrivateWebPolicy in addition to the PrivacyPolicy.

Changes to this policy

The TWikiAdminGroup reserves the right to change this policy at any time and without notice. TWiki users who wish to be notified of changes to this policy should add their WikiName to WebNotify; however there a no guarantees that the WebNotify service will actually work.

Continued use of the NTP TWiki Private Webs after this PrivateWebPolicy changes indicates a user's acceptance of the new terms of this policy.

Contact address

Please contact a member of the TWikiAdminGroup if you have questions about this policy or wish to report a violation of this policy

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